Tips on a Stress Free House Move

We have all heard about the stress that moving home can cause. There is so much to think about when you are packing up the material aspects of your life and if you have done one house move before you probably said ‘never again’. There are ways however to prevent the pressure getting to you and hopefully if you follow these simple guidelines, you will have a hassle free house move which will allow you to settle into your new home with everything in place.

  1. Removal Companies: Do your research on the removal company that you hire. Look for testimonials on their website, ask them questions and find out how many years of removal experience they have.
  2. Contact your Insurer: Let your home insurance company know that you are moving home and there may be some short term cover they can give you while you make the transfer. Also check with your removal company about their insurance options.
  3. De-clutter: Use this house move as an opportunity to clear some of the clutter that has accumulated in your home over the time spent there.
  4. Prepare: Begin the packing process as early as possible. Dismantle any furniture that takes time to do and pack away items that any items that are seasonal e.g. garden furniture.
  5. Boxes: Approach your local supermarket for boxes that you can use to pack your goods. They will be happy to get rid of this excess packaging. Always aim to have spare boxes to fill with the final few items. It’s also a good idea to collect old newspapers in the run up to the move as you can use these to line the boxes to reinforce the contents.
  6. Plan: It is a good idea to begin the packing process from the top down. So if you have an upstairs, begin there and work through room by room. Box each room up separately and it is a good idea to colour code the boxes. This will make a huge difference when unpacking at your new home.
  7. On moving day: Point out the fragile items to the removal company and have those boxes extra reinforced with bubble wrap and newspaper and marked clearly as ‘fragile’.
  8. Valuables: It is a good idea to pack valuables such as computers, phones, jewellery in one secure container and keep that with you when you travel to the destination. This way you will be aware of its location at all times.
  9. Food: Pack a cooler box for the moving day with snacks. It will take time to coordinate the move and if you have quick access to snacks this will make the day much easier and relaxing.
  10. New home: Once you get to your destination, you should unpack the essentials first. Unpack those boxes for the main rooms like the kitchen and bathroom first. Arrange some furniture