Obviously, anyone that puts their home on the market is looking to get the best possible price. Achieving this is the difficult task. Selling a home in Ireland can be challenging given the current economic conditions. Competition against similar properties in the area along with other factors can also hinder the selling process. However, there are ways of making your home more enticing to prospective buyers and therefore assist in the successful, profitable sale of your property.

  • Distance yourself from your home emotionally: Once you make the decision to sell your home you need to lose all sentimental feelings to it in order to look at it objectively as a piece of property.
  • De-clutter: Once you can look at your home objectively, you then need to look at the items in there objectively too. This means de-cluttering your house of all the things that you don’t require. Ornaments –which can also be looked at as ‘dust gatherers’ are a prime example. Prospective buyers will want to picture themselves living in your house and items that clutter may only serve as a distraction. Contract a reliable relocation services company to assist you.
  • Cleaning: Interior windows, cupboard doors, floors, stairs –places you might not normally get to need to get a thorough clean. The inside of cupboards and wardrobes shouldn’t be forgotten as buyers will often open these. You don’t want an item to follow out so ensure that tidiness reaches behind doors too. A clean house is an obvious seller tip but you need to clean even more thoroughly that you have cleaned before!
  • Excess furniture: Remove furniture that is serving no purpose in a room. If a bedroom is short on space, think about taking everything out except the bed. This will give the illusion of more space but will still indicate to the buyer the use of the room as a bedroom.
  • Repairs: Carry out any minor repairs that you have been previously been putting off. Leaking taps or radiators, creaking door hinges, faulty tables and chairs –this is the time to carry out these repairs as the discerning buyer will notice these faults if not amended.
  • Neutrals: Have a look around your house and think about carrying out some painting work if some walls are strong or bold colours. Neutral colours allow the buyer to picture putting their own ‘stamp’ on a property whereas a wall which is bright red may put a buyer off.
  • Exterior: Tidy up outside, tend to the garden, think about adding some flowers. All this will add to the appeal of the property to the prospective buyer. Clear the outside footpath.
  • Competition: Work with your estate agent to get educated about the price, type of sale and condition of the other homes your home is up against in the area. Attend some open houses or do some online research; this will also give you a good indication if you have priced your property well.
  • Photographs: Work with your real estate agent to ensure that the best photographs of your home are visible on their website. Most people nowadays check the internet before visiting a real estate agent so it is vital that your property is looking its best online.